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    Small and Medium Business Software

    Six attitudes of best-run midsize businesses

    Get a real-world view of how your attitude and mindset toward digitalization can turn your company into a best-run business.

    Do more of what your small business or midsize enterprise (SME) does best

    Replace manual tasks with intelligent, data-driven processes and align your organization – from finance and sales to HR and operations – with SAP’s small and midsize business management software.

    Outmaneuver competitors and keep your small or midsize business moving forward

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    A day in the life of a growing company

    Find out how SAP software can help a growing company connect processes, simplify how work gets done, engage customers in new ways, or make?more informed decisions throughout the day.

    See how best-run companies succeed differently

    Discover the secrets?of midsize businesses that are surpassing the competition in revenue growth,?profitability, customer satisfaction, and market response.

    Improving daily operations with SAP S/4HANA

    See how Ananda Dairy connects?end-to-end operational processes to grow its business and take care of society?and the environment.

    Run more efficiently with intelligent, scalable solutions for SMEs

    Deliver best-in-class customer experiences, automate and integrate workflows – and empower employees to act based on real-time insights.

    Meeting the specific challenges of SMEs

    At SAP, we have a track record of supporting businesses of all sizes through technology and market changes. Here’s how our right-sized solutions can help your growing business.
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    Top 10 goals of small and midsize businesses

    What key goals are SMEs focused?on? Read this survey of 3,900 small and midsize enterprises to find out – and?get how-tips for achieving them.

    How to choose the right cloud ERP solution

    Will the ERP solution you’re considering meet the growing needs of your?business? Here are seven critical questions to answer before you decide.? ?

    SAP: A foundation for SME growth

    Find out how our innovative?solutions support small and midsized companies – and how they can help you grow?faster, digitize, and transform.?

    Trust our worldwide partner network to deliver a solution that suits your SME needs

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    Find an SAP partner

    SAP?partners help you buy, build, implement, service, and support the SAP solution?that best fits your unique needs. Find a trusted professional to work with?today.?

    Get SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions

    Built,?sold, and supported by an SAP partner, these integrated solutions leverage SAP?market-leading software and innovations and the SAP partner’s intellectual?property.

    Harness digital technology to support growth

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    Prioritize intelligent capabilities for progress

    See how midsize companies are generating eight times more revenue growth and seven times more customer satisfaction than their peers by embedding intelligence into operations.

    Become an insights-driven business

    Discover?how your midsize business can shift from being data-driven to becoming insights-driven by extracting?more value from Big Data. Customer log-in required.

    Drive digital transformation with ERP

    Discover how digital?transformation is changing the value of ERP software, allowing growing businesses?to run better than ever and achieve business performance goals.

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