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    SAP Leonardo
    Machine Learning

    Solve complex business challenges with machine learning

    With advanced machine learning capabilities built into your business processes, you can achieve more with less – and outmaneuver your competition. Explore the possibilities.

    Choose your SAP software for machine learning and artificial intelligence

    SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

    Leverage robotic process automation, machine learning, and conversational AI in an integrated way to automate business processes with SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation services. Our services can help you reduce manual activities, respond to customer needs proactively, and make smarter decisions.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Ability to trigger on-premise bots
    • SAP integration with APIs for lower bot maintenance

    SAP Conversational AI

    Get the leading bot platform for the intelligent enterprise. SAP? Conversational AI comes with world class natural language processing (NLP) technology, so you can build bots that truly understand humans – quickly, and easily.? And it includes off-the-shelf customer support bot for specific industries.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Build, train, deploy, and monitor intelligent bots
    • Leverage world-class NLP technology
    • Connect to popular messaging channels, like Twitter

    SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Foundation

    Create, run, consume, and maintain machine self-learning apps with ease by using algorithms that require no data-science skills. The foundation connects developers, partners, and customers to machine learning technology through SAP Cloud Platform.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Ready to use services
    • Ability to train out-of-the-box algorithms with your data
    • Integration with Google Tensor
    • Flow models

    SAP Cash Application

    Automate labor-intensive invoice matching processes and free finance professionals to focus on strategy and service quality with SAP Cash Application. Use machine learning to match criteria from your history and automatically clear payments with our next-generation intelligent software.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Fewer days sales outstanding
    • Integration with SAP S/4HANA
    • Shared services scalability

    SAP Service Ticket Intelligence

    Accelerate customer service in your omnichannel front office with SAP Service Ticket Intelligence. The application efficiently processes inbound social media posts, e-mails, and other channel interactions by automatically determining classifications, routing, and responses.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Automated processing
    • Integration with SAP Service Cloud
    • Faster digital interaction processing
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    SAP Customer Retention

    Anticipate customer behavior – such as product cancellations or renewals – with instant insights from transactional data and digital interaction points. The advanced machine learning application automates data mining, predictive analysis, and capture of leading churn indicators.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Identifiable interaction patterns
    • Insight into dissatisfied customers
    • Proactive customer-retention strategies

    SAP Predictive Analytics

    Scale machine learning capabilities across your business and bring predictive insights to your processes and applications. Analysts and data scientists can prepare data, create models, and manage their deployments without writing error-prone, time-consuming code.

    • Cloud deployment
    • Automated analytics
    • Predictive scoring
    • Model management

    Get the facts


    of machine learning early adopters cite increased profitability as the top benefit.

    Economist Intelligence Unit and SAP


    is the forecasted worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems by 2021.

    IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide, P33198, March 2018


    of enterprise applications will use AI by 2021.

    IDC, Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive/Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide, P33198, March 2018

    Choose the leader in artificial intelligence software

    AI and machine learning best practices and guidance

    Machine learning news from SAP

    Machine learning events

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