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    Business Analytics

    Make intelligent connections with our data analytics solutions

    Take full advantage of one of your most valuable assets – your data – with business analytics from SAP. Use advanced tools and embedded machine learning to get the fast, intelligent insights you need to adapt on the fly and outmaneuver the competition.

    Explore key analytics platform products

    Built on a strategy of using analytical insights to drive business actions, our analytics platforms support the analytics lifecycle – from data to deployment.

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    Access all your enterprise analytics from one home page

    Provide a single point of access to all your analytics products – SAP and third-party, on premise and in the cloud – with SAP Analytics Hub. This solution makes it easy for users to identify the right analytics for their needs and make fast, data-driven decisions.

    Empower executives with a next-generation board portal

    Give your C-suite a complete, real-time view of cross-departmental situations and metrics with SAP Digital Boardroom. This next-generation board portal lets users answer ad hoc queries, interact with data visualizations, run what-if and impact analyses, and more.?

    Data analysis for intelligent enterprises

    Read how SAP Analytics solutions help companies become Intelligent Enterprises that can answer any question and make data-driven decisions in the moment. 

    Solve your specific business analytics needs

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    Analytics that keep users – and IT – happy

    Expectations for analytics have changed. Business users need solutions that are simple to use, and IT departments need the governance, security, and scalability of trusted enterprise software. See why SAP is the only vendor to meet the needs of both groups.?

    Enable a smart, best-run business with help from SAP

    Explore use cases for predictive analytics, analytics in the cloud, and specific industries to learn how our customers use analytics technologies to become best-run businesses.?

    Innovate faster by moving analytics data to the cloud

    Discover how you can deliver innovation and business value by integrating modern analytics solutions with the agility and scalability of the cloud from our SAP Analytics 2019 Strategy and Roadmaps webinar.?

    Get the facts


    increase in revenue due to more informed decision-making.

    SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper


    increase in analytics tools adoption across the company.

    SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper


    efficiency improvements in key business functions by running queries without having to wait hours for results.

    SAP Analytics Portfolio – Modern Analytics for the Digital Enterprise white paper

    Choose market-leading business data analytics

    Get fresh perspectives from experts

    Find analytics solutions that meet your needs

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