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    Member of the Month Hall of Fame

    Every month, a member of the SAP Community is recognized for exemplary behavior: sharing knowledge with peers, being helpful and taking on additional tasks to support community engagement.

    See more details about the program in the announcement blog.

    Latest Hall of Fame Inductees

    Pavan Bhamidipati

    June 2019: Pavan Bhamidipati

    A member since 2008, Pavan Bhamidipati has been a staple in the community for many years, keeping up to date with evolving technologies while growing and sharing his knowledge.

    [Read interview] [View profile]

    Ankur Patel image

    May 2019: Ankur Patel

    Ankur Patel joined the SAP Community to give back and help others. He's certainly succeeded, as his Q&A accomplishments attest.

    [Read interview] [View profile]

    maheshkumar image

    April 2019: Mahesh Kumar Palavalli

    Mahesh Kumar Palavalli believes the best way to learn is to teach someone -- and teach he does, with accurate answers and informative blog posts.

    [Read interview] [View profile]

    khavatkopp image

    March 2019: Manoj Khavatkopp

    Manoj Khavatkopp has learned much from Member of the Month recipients -- and now he is paying it forward as a Member of the Month himself.

    [Read interview] [View profile]


    February 2019: Lingaiah Vanam

    Lingaiah Vanam has addressed hundreds of questions…and based on the acceptance rate for his answers, members clearly appreciate his input!

    [Read interview] [View profile]


    January 2019: Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat

    Sriprasad Shivaram Bhat is an SAP employee, SAP Cloud Platform expert, Community Hero…and now he can add Member of the Month to the list.

    [Read interview] [View profile]

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